The Loaves and Fishes kitchen and dining room are as busy as Santa’s workshop these days, with the elves preparing a special meal and items to distribute to people who will come on Christmas.

The program will serve a meal of a marinated chicken breast, scalloped potatoes, and cake or pie for dessert on Christmas Day. Some of those coming for the meal will also receive gift cards to purchase groceries, hats and scarves donated by the D.C. JCCs, and blankets bought with funds provided by a generous and regular volunteer (who also gave a significant amount to buy wrapping paper for them as well). On Saturday, Dec. 19, Denize Stanton-Williams, Loaves and Fishes’ director of operations, reported that in the previous week there had been many donors and volunteers coming to the program with food and other items and that the facilities had been busy with activity as preparations for Christmas were made. This included volunteers coming to wrap presents, she said.

“It’s been a fruitful end of the year for us – that we can touch so many different people,” said Stanton-Williams. “That means a lot.” She described multiple streams of giving this year to the program. “I’m just happy about that,” she added.

And there will be good news beyond Christmas for Loaves and Fishes as well: Stanton-Williams said she expects to have the food pantry up and running by the new year, which will allow the program to distribute grocery items weekly to people who come for prepared meals.

“We’re just fortunate – we’re really fortunate. I’m just happy,” said Stanton-Williams.

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